The Reign of Terror

A DVD review for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2013 _________________________________________________________________________ “The streets of Paris, strewn with the carcasses of the mangled victims, have become so familiar to the sight that they are passed by and trod on without any particular notice. The mob think no more of killing a fellow man – one who isContinue reading “The Reign of Terror”

The Sensorites

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who magazine, from 2012 _________________________________________________________________________________ If visualised on a graph, with THRILLS up the y-axis against TIME along the x, The Sensorites would plot a resolute diagonal from top left to bottom right. However, while the story offers steadily diminishing returns over the course of its six episodesContinue reading “The Sensorites”

The Underwater Menace episode 2 & Galaxy 4: Airlock

A review of two recovered black-and-white episodes for DWM, 2011 _________________________________________________________ Hopefully you will accept that I’m being more honest than churlish if I make the observation that, had Doctor Who fans been invited to vote for two missing episodes to be miraculously returned to us, this pair would have been near the bottom ofContinue reading “The Underwater Menace episode 2 & Galaxy 4: Airlock”

Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening

A review of the DVD box set, from 2011 ____________________________________________________ When you first heard that the 1966 story The Gunfighters would join 1984’s The Awakening in a DVD box set celebrating their not-entirely-unique status as ‘stories set on Earth’, perhaps you – like me – assumed that Mr Big at 2Entertain had finally flipped hisContinue reading “Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening”

The Rescue and The Romans

A review of the DVD box set for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2009. By this point, I was starting to massively exceed my allotted word count. And I’ve only got worse. This one is 1,800 words, and I knew I was pushing my luck. I recently submitted 3,400 words for the ‘Earth Story’ double pack.Continue reading “The Rescue and The Romans”

The War Machines

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2008.  _____________________________________________________________ Nothing dates more quickly than a prediction of the future. In this adventure from 1966, we meet one Professor Brett, who has the future very much in mind. He’s developed the supercomputer WOTAN, and is poised to link it into a network ofContinue reading “The War Machines”