The Ice Warriors

A DVD review for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2013 ________________________________________________________________________ The chief protagonist of The Ice Warriors is neither human nor alien; it’s a glacier. This is entirely apt. For as the cold, white vastness of the story rolls inexorably on, you find yourself powerless to resist its numbing creep. First, your higher brain functions begin toContinue reading “The Ice Warriors”

The Underwater Menace episode 2 & Galaxy 4: Airlock

A review of two recovered black-and-white episodes for DWM, 2011 _________________________________________________________ Hopefully you will accept that I’m being more honest than churlish if I make the observation that, had Doctor Who fans been invited to vote for two missing episodes to be miraculously returned to us, this pair would have been near the bottom ofContinue reading “The Underwater Menace episode 2 & Galaxy 4: Airlock”

The Five Doctors

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2008. This my first DVD review for DWM. I was very nervous and I think my lack of confidence shows. But I still like the description of the Raston Robot. ______________________________________________________________________________ The plot of Doctor Who‘s special 20th birthday bunfight – endearing in its simplicityContinue reading “The Five Doctors”

The War Games

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2009.  _____________________________________________________________ The War Games is an exceptional Doctor Who story, with an outstanding opening episode. It certainly doesn’t hang about. The TARDIS arrives in the midst of the First World War, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are immediately swept into the maelstrom. DodgingContinue reading “The War Games”