The Ambassadors of Death

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2012 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ‘Exile’ is too grand a description for the sentence handed down to the Doctor at the end of his original trial. Aside from changing his face – which admittedly could be argued to be a form of capital punishment – all the TimeContinue reading “The Ambassadors of Death”

Colony in Space

A review of the DVD for DWM, from 2011 _____________________________________________________________ The 2011 DVD schedule began with a six-part Third Doctor adventure – The Mutants – and ends with another. In many ways, Colony in Space feels like a neat entwining of threads and themes we’ve followed across the year. We find ourselves in roughly theContinue reading “Colony in Space”

The War Games

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2009.  _____________________________________________________________ The War Games is an exceptional Doctor Who story, with an outstanding opening episode. It certainly doesn’t hang about. The TARDIS arrives in the midst of the First World War, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are immediately swept into the maelstrom. DodgingContinue reading “The War Games”