Mara Tales: Kinda & Snakedance

A review of the DVD box set, from 2011 _________________________________________________________________ ‘Pick of the month!’ shouts an enthusiastic graphic on this page. Talk about understatement. Of the two stories in this DVD box set, the first, Kinda, is among the very best ever made. And the second? Well, no need to equivocate there. Snakedance is theContinue reading “Mara Tales: Kinda & Snakedance”

Four To Doomsday

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2008.  _____________________________________________________________ There is a psychological response known as Stockholm Syndrome, which identifies the behaviour of a hostage who develops strong feelings of emotional attachment to their kidnapper, no matter how terrible the acts of cruelty perpetrated upon them. 2008 has proved to be TheContinue reading “Four To Doomsday”