Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening

A review of the DVD box set, from 2011 ____________________________________________________ When you first heard that the 1966 story The Gunfighters would join 1984’s The Awakening in a DVD box set celebrating their not-entirely-unique status as ‘stories set on Earth’, perhaps you – like me – assumed that Mr Big at 2Entertain had finally flipped hisContinue reading “Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening”

Attack of the Cybermen

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2009.  _____________________________________________________________ Attack of the Cybermen gets off to a flying start. The opening scene, as two workmen are attacked in a London sewer by an unknown menace, is double-distilled Doctor Who. It’s timeless stuff, and we could imagine cutting from there to any DoctorContinue reading “Attack of the Cybermen”