The Trial of a Time Lord

A review of the DVD box set for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2008. (The David Tennant/Catherine Tate season had just been broadcast, if that helps you see what I’m trying to do with the opening paragraphs!) _____________________________________________________________ As a recipe for success, the ingredients are tasty enough. There are certainly some big ideas in theContinue reading “The Trial of a Time Lord”

Doctor Who: The Legacy Collection

A review for Doctor Who Magazine, 2013 ____________________________________________________________________________ DISC ONE Many have attempted to complete Shada. But it can never be completed in any meaningful way. That’s because we can never know, for certain, what happens to Skagra’s hat. Similarly, many have pondered whether Shada might have stood as one of Doctor Who’s great, definingContinue reading “Doctor Who: The Legacy Collection”

The Twin Dilemma

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2009 __________________________________________________________________________________ It’s such an unfortunate coincidence, you have to laugh. The very month DWM publishes the results of its Mighty 200 survey, Doctor Who’s 200th most popular adventure is released on DVD. They should pop a sticker on the box to celebrate the fact.Continue reading “The Twin Dilemma”

Terror of the Zygons

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2013. See also: Class 4G _______________________________________________________________ You have to feel sorry for Broton, Warlord of the Zygons. There he is, quietly minding his own business in his cosy home-from-home in the Scottish Highlands, when some seriously antisocial neighbours move in just along the glen: aContinue reading “Terror of the Zygons”

The Ice Warriors

A DVD review for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2013 ________________________________________________________________________ The chief protagonist of The Ice Warriors is neither human nor alien; it’s a glacier. This is entirely apt. For as the cold, white vastness of the story rolls inexorably on, you find yourself powerless to resist its numbing creep. First, your higher brain functions begin toContinue reading “The Ice Warriors”

The Ambassadors of Death

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2012 ______________________________________________________________________________________ ‘Exile’ is too grand a description for the sentence handed down to the Doctor at the end of his original trial. Aside from changing his face – which admittedly could be argued to be a form of capital punishment – all the TimeContinue reading “The Ambassadors of Death”

Day of the Daleks

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2011 ____________________________________________________________________________ It’s the night of 11 September, Nineteen Seventy-*cough*, and our world teeters on the brink of World War Three. The Chinese are massing on the Russian border, and they’re not there for the duty-free vodka. Fingers are itchy on nuclear triggers, and theContinue reading “Day of the Daleks”

The Sun Makers

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine. From 2011. ______________________________________________________________________________ Here’s a contradiction. For a story that’s considered one of the breezier diversions for the Fourth Doctor – a step out into the light from the gloomy gothic of his early years – when we join our hero in the TARDIS at theContinue reading “The Sun Makers”

Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening

A review of the DVD box set, from 2011 ____________________________________________________ When you first heard that the 1966 story The Gunfighters would join 1984’s The Awakening in a DVD box set celebrating their not-entirely-unique status as ‘stories set on Earth’, perhaps you – like me – assumed that Mr Big at 2Entertain had finally flipped hisContinue reading “Earth Story: The Gunfighters & The Awakening”

Image of the Fendahl

A review of the DVD for Doctor Who Magazine, from 2009.  _____________________________________________________________ The DVD release schedule can throw up unique narratives of its own. Recently, for example, we’ve heard from Doctor Who’s three principal 80s script editors – telling us how wonderful things could have been if only everyone else was as clever as them.Continue reading “Image of the Fendahl”