About Gary

photoHello, I’m Gary Gillatt, and I’ve been writing about Doctor Who for many years – chiefly for Doctor Who Magazine. This blog is intended as a retirement home for old reviews and features, in the hope that some of it might still amuse.

With thanks to Gareth Roberts’ dad for the blog title!

9 thoughts on “About Gary”

  1. Hello there,I’ve been meaning to do this for months and months.I’m particularly glad i have found this site,as i just want to let you know how much i enjoy reading your DVD reviews in Dr Who Magazine.They are absolutely hilarious and brilliantly written.
    Please don’t leave DWM and continue writing them,as they never fail to cheer me up and make me laugh out .
    And can i also mention that i enjoyed reading DWM in the 90s under your editorship,as many have stated,it is not easy producing a magazine for a tv show that has not been in production for a while,but you and your excellent team managed it effortlessly.

  2. I’d also like to add my voice in agreement with the above. I miss reading your reviews in DWM; they were always the first thing I turned to when buying a magazine – and they were invariably superb. They had the most wonderful jokes in them and were always affectionate for the programme itself and those who made it – I hope we’ve not heard the last of them.

      1. Hello Gary from Gary! I am so glad these dvd reviews have found a home. I was going to suggest they were cold ted in a special magazine or something. Brilliant !!

  3. Really pleased to have found this site. I was re-reading DWM 447 last night. Your review of Nightmare of Eden made me laugh so much. Your re-imagining of the opening titles of The Muppet Show with assorted Dr Who aliens is brilliant – it surely has to be animated by someone….! Thanks so much. Stephen

  4. My favourite Doctor Who reviewer. I may not agree with every opinion, but your reviews are always entertaining and often make me look at stories in a different way. Your time as DWM was the best in the mag’s history.

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